Focusing On Education During Your Summer Road Trip

School is out for summer! It’s time to pack your bags and hit the road for your summer vacation. If you’re like many families, you’ve got plans for a road trip to visit a new part of the country and share all the sights and sounds with your children. While you’re gone you’ll inevitably fill your days with fun kid-friendly activities, but have you ever thought about making education a more central part of your summer vacation?
No matter where you’re headed, there’s bound to be some great opportunities to ensure that your children keep learning even while school is out. Here are some of our favorite recommendations.

Explore Local History
Every city and state has a unique history, and if you look hard enough you can find ways to explore that history in a fun and engaging way. On your summer travels, look for the one-of-a-kind opportunities to explore the city in a new way. That may include art and history museums, historical tours, or even performances. Every town does it differently, but the time spent investing in these new, interesting activities will keep your children engaged in learning even if they don’t realize it.

Learning About Different Environments
If you’re traveling far enough out of state you may encounter some new flora and fauna. This can be a really exciting way to engage with the area you’re visiting. Find out what animals your destination is known for, and see if you can find a place to visit those animals. For instance, if you’re in Brevard, NC, you’d want to go on a hunt for their famous white squirrels, and if you’re in South Dakota take an adventure looking for roaming buffalo. And top off your journey with a search for interesting trees and plants as well as area-specific landscape features.

Tour The Local Colleges
Even if your child is only in elementary school, it’s never too early to expose them to the idea of college. Touring campuses is not only an interesting way to spend an afternoon, but it’s also a subtle reminder that education is important to your family and that they should begin imagining themselves with a bright educational future. Plus, you and your child may be surprised to learn how many types of degree program options there are. Perhaps a campus you visit has a video game designing program that will catch your son or daughter’s eye.

Institute Family Book Club
There’s no better way to drum up excitement for your family road trip than to have your family read a book together about your destination. Depending upon the ages of your children, you may buy everyone a copy of the same book, read it together for story time before bed each night, or get the audiobook version and listen to it in the car on your road trip. Help your family get excited about your trip and get an education about local culture and customs at the same time.

Your children’s education is important to you, and there are so many creative ways to blend learning and fun time while you’re on your summer vacation. To learn more about what your children will be learning next school year, or to become a part of the St. Barnabas School community, contact us today.

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