Flat Stanley makes it to honduras

Part of our school song that we sing each Friday is “to know the world around us and places far away.” During recent months students at St. Barnabas have been doing just that: getting to know a place nearly 3,000 miles away! This place is Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where our sister school St. Mary’s Episcopal School is located.

Father Comforted, Mr. Garcia and SBES eighth grader AJ Daniels, among others from St. Barnabas Church visited the Central American country of Honduras on a mission trip. In anticipation for the trip, second grade students worked on the Flat Stanley project in Spanish class. First they found Honduras on the map and then they read the story Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.


Over the course of two weeks, the second graders spent their Spanish classes brainstorming, making lists and charts, and eventually writing a letter using some of the Spanish they know. During this time, Flat Stanley also visited many places around our campus that the students thought their amigos at St. Mary’s Episcopal School might want to see. Flat Stanley was off to Honduras! Upon arriving in Honduras, the mission team delivered a class set of the Flat Stanley books for the second graders at St. Mary’s.

The second grade students were blessed with the opportunity to have a face-to-face connection with the second grade class, their teacher, and the Principal, Mr. Ricardo Salinas, from St. Mary’s Episcopal School! Both second grade classes, Mr. Garcia and Father Comforted gathered together and had a video conference. Our students were able to introduce themselves and ask questions they had prepared for their friends at St. Mary’s. The second graders at St. Mary’s took turns introducing themselves and giving their answers to our questions.

The students at St. Mary’s were smiling, waving and holding up their copies of the Flat Stanley books. The second grade teacher at St. Mary’s (a bilingual school) said her students have been very excited to read the books and almost all of the students are finished reading the story. What a wonderful way to connect through literature!

The video conference closed with our students singing a song they’d sung in Spanish class Feliz Navidad. In response, the 2nd graders from St. Mary’s sang one of their favorite songs in Spanish El Burrito de Belen (The Little Donkey of Bethlehem). The students at St. Barnabas and St. Mary’s enjoyed their special time together and the teachers at both schools look forward to continuing the connections that have been made in “places far away!”

Morgan Layton
Elementary Spanish Teacher

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