Find Your Children’s Academic Home At St. Barnabas Episcopal School

The home you’ve created for your family radiates love, kindness, support, safety, and belonging, which are some of the same things we hope our students experience as members of the St. Barnabas community.

Many parents go with the flow and send their children to whichever public school is closest to their home. If the local public school is your best or favorite option, that’s great! But we want you to know that that’s not your only choice. Finding a DeLand private school to become an academic home for your children and your family can be a more intentional and thoughtful act.

What makes St. Barnabas so special?

First and foremost, St. Barnabas Episcopal School is an academic institution known as a top DeLand private school. Thanks to our commitment to academic rigor and our small and intentional class sizes, we easily and consistently achieve academic excellence. From our experience, the best learning not only occurs as a result of rote memorization or listening to classroom lectures. Unlike when we were kids, education has evolved to the understanding that deep and meaningful learning occurs when children engage their senses and collaborate with their peers. Where some public school classrooms are stuck with more traditional modes of education, our creative and passionate teachers find new and exciting ways to teach their material that helps your students thrive academically.

St. Barnabas school is known in our community as the best DeLand private school because of our record of academic success and the spirit with which our children learn.

Academic learning is only part of our focus at St. Barnabas School. We see the classroom as a garden of sorts where we help children grow as bright, academically successful, community-engaged, and passionate students.

Many prospective parents are surprised that St. Barnabas Episcopal School has more athletic programs than any other Volusia County school. We have prioritized offering a varied and excellent athletic program because we know how important physical health is in our students’ lives. As adults, we know how valuable movement is and that regular exercise, eating well, and taking care of our bodies help our minds feel clearer, enable us to get better sleep at night, and improve our mood. We love that our students learn the same lessons as members of our athletic programs. But sports aren’t just for physical growth. Our students also learn about teamwork, collaboration, patience, and communication through their experience in our athletic programs.

If you’re not raising an athlete, don’t worry, we have a full array of non-sports-related, extracurricular activities. From music and performance opportunities to visual arts, student government, and even chess club, our students are fully engaged on campus, which leads to deep community connection and full passionate lives.

Finally, there’s one single thread that connects all of these beautiful aspects of the St. Barnabas community, and that’s faith. The families who choose to join our community share this as a top priority. St. Barnabas School is proud to bring light into our students’ lives in a world where we all encounter so much darkness. On our campus, our spiritual beliefs are not just something we talk about once a week during chapel. Faith is a thread woven throughout each day. Our students encounter the loving message of our faith everywhere from the classroom to the playground, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If your family’s spiritual life is an essential part of your day, consider choosing a school that promotes the lifestyle that means so much to you.

What do you want for your child’s education?

We’ve given you a lot of valuable information, but to make the best choice for your family, it’s important that you take the time to determine what you want your children’s education to feel like. What does an educational home look like for your family? We hope that with some thought, you’ll determine there’s no better place for your family than right here as a member of ours.

If you’re ready to join the St. Barnabas community, we urge you to move quickly in your registration. Our classes fill quickly, and we would love to save a spot for you when you’re ready. For more information about our academic programs, contact our office today.

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