Exciting Things in Elementary School

We thought you would appreciate hearing about the most recent positive things that have been happening in our pre-k through 5th grade classes recently. The following are highlights shared by our pre-k and elementary teachers at their team meeting (this past Tuesday) with Mrs. Miles, Elementary Principal.

Mrs. Baldauff: We had a light bulb moment when the children realized that God was in their hearts.

Mrs. Churms: All 32 children in Language Arts are writing sentences 46 days into school.
Mrs. Gilmore: The entire class has caught on to the rotation procedure for Learning Stations.

1st Grade
Mrs. Cox: Girls started praying on their own for a student with a hurt eye at recess.
Mrs. Martin: I started using the Accelerated Reading (AR) with my students.

2nd Grade
Ms. Holt: Balloon rockets from FOSS
Mrs. Lewis: My students are starting to take ownership of their own learning.

3rd Grade
Mrs. Honeyager: A student who has not earned an A on a math test this year earned a 94 on her math test last week.
Mrs. Joseph: Students successfully worked together during a difficult task in science.

4th Grade:
Miss. Hill – On a very rainy morning, the first four students that came in the classroom immediately asked what they could do to help. They were asked to unstack their chairs and unpack, etc. She overheard one of the students say, “why don’t we unstack all of the chairs?” And “okay, let’s do it!” It was neat to observe them working together to help the entire class and the joy that they had while doing so.
Ms. Ruston – A student made a poor choice and used words that hurt another students feelings, before I had a chance to address it the student had said sorry, showed remorsed and asked for forgiveness.

5th Grade
Mrs. Hickman: A student told me he loves my class and missed me sooo much last Friday.
Mrs. Snyder: A student who has never earned an A on a reading test before has had all A’s and B’s this quarter.

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