Enrolling in Private School: Why St. Barnabas Episcopal School is Top-Rated in Volusia County

The search for the ideal educational environment for your children is one that all families undertake at one point or another. Parents should access the resources they think will be most beneficial to their kids. We know from experience that many families find comfort and confidence in the education offered to them at a private school. Over the years, St. Barnabas Episcopal School has developed an excellent reputation for being a top-rated DeLand private school. The strength of our academics matches our strong community, and we feel confident that we provide the type of education that is transformational for all kinds of children. But, for those who love research and would like some more information about what makes us the best DeLand private school, we’ve compiled a list that may be helpful to you.

1. Appropriately Challenging Academics

When you become a parent, you quickly come to terms with the exciting reality that all children are different. Your first child won’t behave the same as your niece or nephew, and your second child won’t be anything like your first child. The things that make our children different also make them remarkable. Unfortunately, not all schools have the resources or ability to meet each child right where they are. When asked whether St. Barnabas’ curriculum is challenging, we can confidently answer that it is, and explain how. Teachers are experts at differentiating learning to meet each child’s needs at our school. Yes, we focus on creating an academically challenging environment for each student, but that standard will vary from child to child. If your child is above average in reading but falling behind in math, we’re able to curate an educational framework that challenges them at an appropriate level. The next question we unusually get is, “how is that possible?” The quick answer is small classes. Because our teachers work in classrooms with a small student-to-teacher ratio, they can meet students’ needs. Even the best teachers in public schools don’t have the resources to reach each student. Small classes are one of the most significant benefits of attendance at a DeLand private school and something that we do better than anyone else.

2. Start Early And Reserve Your Space

Because our classes are small, space is limited. We hate to turn away families who want the best for their kids, but we are committed to honoring the families who are already part of this community. One of the great things you can depend on once you’ve joined us is that there’s always a place for you. If you get involved early enough, your child can grow up in our safe and happy environment from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Our system is excellent for families with multiple children and those with kids who thrive with consistency. If you’re ready to join a DeLand private school community that feels like family, we’d love to meet you.

3. Hands-On Education

Like most things, the trends in education ebb and flow. For many decades, education was a one-size-fits-all system where children sat in rows and practiced rote memorization. Teachers molded children to fit the educational system rather than the other way around, to the extent that teachers trained generations of left-handed students to be right-handed. These days we know better. We understand that all students are different and that the rote memorization and straight lines of chairs of yesteryear are no longer the best way to teach kids. So we’ve devised a hands-on curriculum that allows children to learn by doing. Don’t get us wrong, we love books, and our teachers still teach, but in our experience, students learn best when they try things for themselves. As a top-tier DeLand private school, our hands-on classrooms are some of the things we’re most proud of.  

4. Faith-based Community

One of the main reasons families choose St. Barnabas is our commitment to faith-based education. We’re passionate about providing outstanding education to our students, and to us, that requires a holistic approach that cultivates their intellect as well as their spirits. Families in our community know that they are leaving their children each day in a loving family environment where they will be empowered and taught to be engaged members of their community. We know that people of faith are passionate about raising children of faith, so we inject spiritual learning into each element of a child’s day. From chapel to blessing their food at lunch, students at St. Barnabas learn to live lives of faithful leadership, and we are very proud to be part of it.

We’re not the only DeLand private school, but we’re known to many as the best for all the reasons listed above and many more. If you’re searching for the right place for your family to land as you put your children through school, we hope you’ll find just what you’re looking for right here at St. Barnabas. But don’t take our word for it. When you’re ready, contact our office to learn more.

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