Eight weeks to 100%!

It has been an amazing year so far and things are really starting to take off for us in regards to fundraising. We hosted our Golf Tournament this past weekend and it had the highest attendance we have ever had! We also have already reached 100% Annual Fund Participation within our Board of Trustees AND Faculty/Staff! On top of that, the Church Vestry decided to jump in on the fun and have also reached 100% Participation! (If it seems I am using a lot of exclamation points that’s because this is extremely exciting!)

God has blessed us this year and I am pumped to see if our parents can reach 100% participation too! If you are wondering what the Annual Fund is please click HERE to see a cool video about what it supports. Also, because of our success last year in the Annual Fund we were able to offer many more scholarships this year, among other things.

ONLY 8 WEEKS! That is the amount of time we have to reach 100% Participation among our entire community. To do that, we are offering some cool prizes to our classes reaching 100% Participation and an amazing off campus field trip for the class that raises the most money AND has 100% Participation. Last year our 3rd Grade went to WonderWorks! (Note: For fairness and tax purposes, all donations not made online must be attached to an Annual Fund form (attached) AND SIGNED by you.)

Did you know that you can set up monthly automatic deductions from a card?! This allows everyone to give at a higher level without even noticing it. For most people $100 now might seem impossible, but $5-$10 a month is easy for them! Just check the corresponding boxes on your Annual Fund form, put the monthly amount, and sign the bottom.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Kyle Hays at khays@sbesyes.org or call him at the school. “WE ARE BLESSED!”

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