Cultivating Health in Mind, Body, and Spirit With A Private School Education

Your child’s education is very important, and you may have wrestled with the decision between public and private education. While every child and every family is different, we are deeply proud of the education we provide at St. Barnabas.
As an independent school, we celebrate our freedom to set our focus away from the high stakes assessments and tests of traditional public schools and squarely on the overall academic and moral excellence of each of our students. Each part of your student’s day is cultivated to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit through the rigor of our academic program, to physical activities, and the time we spend together in chapel.

Healthy Mind
Students come with any number of different learning styles and capacities, and our small classes and commitment to student-centered learning allows us the opportunity to direct your child’s education and develop a strong healthy mind. The combination of academic rigor, fine arts, and athletic programs helps keep students’ minds active and healthy throughout the school day. Students in second through fifth grade who are identified with a high intellectual aptitude also participate in the Enrichment program which encourages students to learn through team building and problem-solving by introducing them to project based learning opportunities like enriched humanities, arts, math, and field trips.

Healthy Body
When you’re the busy parent of young and energetic children it can be difficult to prioritize healthy eating among the many other priorities in your family. St. Barnabas believes that your children’s bodies are temples, and the food they eat becomes the fuel that powers their minds. That is why we have partnered with WT Cafe to provide healthy well-balanced options for our students. Knowing that your child is receiving high-quality, scratch-made lunches is one of many great added benefits of investing in a private education. This is also why we prioritize free play by providing protected recess time each day. Additionally, our commitment to athletic education encourages your children to develop good habits and strong, healthy bodies. St. Barnabas also hosts a vast variety of extracurricular and athletic programs.

Healthy Spirit
Every Wednesday morning the St. Barnabas community comes together for a chapel service. This commitment to the spiritual wellness of your child is a hallmark of Christian private education. This time together allows us the opportunity to emphasize our values of faith, virtue, and excellence while teaching students how to spiritually center themselves in the middle of a busy school week.

Every child is different, and not every child can be expected to thrive under the same conditions. Choosing private education for your child means teachers provided individualized attention, and a focus on the whole student: mind, body, and spirit. St. Barnabas Episcopal School is proud to provide a private education rich with arts, athletics, rigorous academics, and a deep commitment to spiritual growth. For more information about a St. Barnabas education, or for a tour of our campus contact us today.

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