Challenging Your Gifted Child With The Right Environment: Why An SBES Education Can Help Fill In The Blanks

As parents, we hope that our children will be excited about and engaged in their education. But, how often are we thinking about what we’ll do when our children are gifted and need an educational environment that will nurture their giftedness and help them excel? We’ve all heard the stories of children who act out in school because they’re insufficiently challenged. This scenario is common in the large classrooms of public schools where teachers don’t have the capacity to meet each child’s individual educational needs.

The desire to accommodate their child’s academic needs is a significant motivator for parents who eventually choose St. Barnabas as their DeLand private school of choice. We all want what’s best for our kids. Here are some ways that our community helps fill in the blanks for gifted kids and their families.

Our Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program is one of the most significant things we offer our gifted students. It’s a program geared to our students who have been identified as having high intellectual aptitude and are in the 2nd-5th grades. The Enrichment Program uses team-building and problem-solving strategies to encourage advanced students. In this program, they participate in project-based earning opportunities, enriched classes, and off-campus field trips. Our enrichment program is one of the many ways we bridge the gap for our students who need just a little more challenge in the classroom. 

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Speaking of classrooms, one of the great benefits of sending your child to a DeLand private school is our commitment to maintaining a small teacher-to-student ratio. There are so many benefits to small class sizes, and most of them go back to the ability of the teacher to provide individualized attention to each student. Imagine having a room of 30 children and trying to pay enough attention to all of them. It’s not possible. Small classes benefit kids on all points of the learning spectrum. Low teacher-to-student ratios give the teacher the ability to recognize the needs of struggling kids and those who are unchallenged by the material. It’s easy for motivated and self-guided gifted children to go unnoticed in busy classrooms because they’re not the squeaky wheel. At St. Barnabas, our teachers have the resources and the ability to meet their students’ academic needs because their classrooms aren’t overwhelmed with students. 

Well-Rounded Education

Finally, we must recognize that not all students are gifted in the same way. Some students may be above average across the board, but generally speaking, that’s not the case. There are many types of intelligence ranging from linguistic and mathematical intelligence to musical or kinesthetic intelligence. Each of our students is unique, so we believe it’s up to us as an institution to provide avenues for students to explore their various sides. But this goes above and beyond acknowledging the differences in our students. For example, we know that studying the arts is essential for a well-rounded academic program. It can help improve students’ motor skills, non-verbal communication, and ability to focus. And that events like field trips and hands-on science experiments enable students to connect their classroom education with real-life scenarios. We are proud to say that well-roundedness is a hallmark of a St. Barnabas education through our Enrichment Program and our robust fine arts program and extracurricular offerings.  

Before having children, it would be easy to believe that a gifted child could be left to get good grades and wouldn’t need much extra attention paid to their education. However, we all now know that isn’t true. Choosing the right educational environment for your gifted child is paramount to their continued academic success. If you’re looking for a DeLand private school that can nurture your child to excellence, St. Barnabas is your school. Contact our office to learn more about your options.

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