Building A Strong Foundation: What K4 And Kindergarten Looks Like At St. Barnabas Episcopal School

We may be right in the middle of the current school year, but this time of year is when families start to think about where they would like to send their children to school for the following year. If you’re not already a member of the St. Barnabas family, you may wonder how our program could fit into your family life. Here are some essential details you ought to know.

Our academic program ranges from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. While you are welcome to apply at any point during that time frame, we highly recommend parents enroll their children as early as possible. Our classes are small, and enrollment fills up quickly. Students who enroll in our K4 program are guaranteed spots for the remainder of their time at St. Barnabas.

Our kindergarten program is an essential foundation for a solid education during which students are not only introduced to academic life but have the opportunity to embark on a personal spiritual life as well. St. Barnabas’ parents frequently share with us how our kindergarten program has helped them grow in their faith, academically, socially, and otherwise.

One of the many benefits of operating a private school is our ability to weave our shared core values throughout your child’s school day. At St. Barnabas, your child receives a top-notch education and grows as an individual at the same time.

St. Barnabas’ Core Values
Many people are talking about their values these days, but here at St. Barnabas, we practice what we preach. Our core values (faith, virtue, and excellence) are introduced to our students early in their education. And not just in our weekly chapel services. These lessons become part of students’ daily lives as they are integrated into their classrooms and expanded upon each year.

We believe that God is at work in our lives and the lives of each of our students. When we teach about faith, we encourage our students to pursue a personal relationship with God.

Virtuous individuals display traits like honesty and truthfulness in all things. In our community, that includes how we interact with one another and the integrity of our academics.

We’re all gifted with skills and abilities that are unique to us. Our students, faculty, and staff are encouraged and supported to give the best of their gifts to God.

What Does Kindergarten Look Like At St. Barnabas?

The kindergarten curriculum at St. Barnabas focuses on reading, math, science, and social skills, and children get to participate in special areas classes like music, art, and P.E. Each week, our kindergarten students are introduced to a new theme which is carried out throughout each of the subjects they study. For example, if the weekly theme is weather, the students might read stories about the weather, learn science lessons about thunderstorms, and draw pictures reflecting different types of weather. This creative approach to learning makes things fun and creates a cohesive learning environment throughout the week.

St. Barnabas students become well-rounded, passionate young men and women because they have a strong values-based foundation. The data shows that our students are learning well as they are smart and academically successful in and out of the classroom. But, we also see firsthand how the private school approach to education helps them become well-rounded people.

A private school may not be for every family, but the ones who choose St. Barnabas Episcopal School do so because they want us to come alongside their children as members of their community who help them grow into the very best versions of themselves. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our K4 program, we recommend acting fast. Our classes are desirable, and spaces are limited. Contact us today to learn more.

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