Balancing equations

Mrs. Holland, 7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher, is demonstrating a hands-on model of balancing equations with her 7th Grade pre-algebra students. Students each had a picture of balance to practice setting up the equations using simple manipulatives (such a chess pawn pieces and dice). Mrs. Holland walked around assisting students as they worked through solving several equations. This really helped her students who are kinesthetic and visual learners to understand the concept of how to balance equations.


Mrs. Holland also had her students take out their Chromebooks and go to to see an online source for homework practice and help. She walked them through step by step how to work a practice problem on their Chromebooks by demonstrating it from her computer which was projected on the whiteboard in front of them to following along with her. She also recommends for help with help math.

Mrs. Holland shared that she is already seeing how adding the third level of math this year is really benefitting her students in more ways than one. Don’t you just love it when plans comes together and they work out better than you expected? Especially, when those plans are put into place to help all students learn and master concepts!

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