Appeal from a parent: Giving Back

Hello St. Barnabas Parents,

This is being sent to you with the hope that each of you will consider making a donation to the Annual Fund. With the hard part of AGAIN asking for another monetary donation out of the way, I would like to share some additional information with each of you about the cause and effect of the Annual Fund.

First, let me begin by saying we all know that St. Barnabas Episcopal School is a special place; one in which we trust the physical, spiritual, emotional, and academic lives of our children each day they are in attendance. This is perhaps one of the MOST important decisions we make in our children’s lives. We trust each day that our children will be mentored and taught by some of the very best administrators, educators, worship leaders, and other faculty members our community offers. We trust these same individuals will help teach our children about respect, discipline, academics, faith, leadership, and love.

Our school is an AWESOME educational institution that provides so much more than just day-to-day learning. While our children each have different abilities and capabilities in relation to academic studies, there is at least one common denominator. St. Barnabas offers a nurturing environment that our children KNOW they can depend on. Does it really get any better than that? Children who feel safe, secure, and loved; wow, what a testament!

You may ask, what am I trying to get at? Is this email ever going to stop? My topic for the next week is THE ANNUAL FUND! I am writing to ask and encourage you to not only donate but to INVEST in the future of OUR children. St. Barnabas Episcopal School is a family and it is imperative we not only take care of our own children but others as well. I know, I know, some of you are probably thinking, “here we go again, she is asking or soliciting for money on behalf of our school.” Well, yes I am. But, I am doing so on behalf of OUR children.

The Annual Fund is so much more than just “asking or soliciting for funds.” It is the Primary Financial Assistant or Primary Source of Operating Income. It also provides many, many resources to our school, families, and community. While school tuition is generated to cover costs and can be significant, it only covers a portion of the Total Operating Funds. Allow me to provide just a few examples of what the additional funds help:

Faculty – allows the dedicated staff at St. Barnabas Episcopal School to stay up-to-date with current professional development tools to ensure academic excellence. These funds assist in providing competitive salaries and benefit programs they work so hard for. With the general consensus that educators are often underpaid, we are in a position to help break that cycle!

Facilities – included and not limited to our school grounds, buses (even a NEW ONE this year complete with safety equipment), maintaining OUTSTANDING facilities along with those who we depend on to keep them safe, clean, and operable. The conditions children contend with at various public schools in our community are less than desirable. For that unfortunate fact, we aim to remain the best choice for your family’s wants and needs.

Financial Aid – helping families with the financial assistance they need to ensure that their children are able to attend a campus they may NOT otherwise be able to. Twenty-five percent of students receive financial assistance for tuition — allowing many children of faith to attend a school where they can freely worship our Savior, Jesus Christ! No amount of Financial Aid is too little for a family in need. Has your family or one you know directly benefited from this?

Technology – with the recent addition of the St. Barnabas APP and new parent website, we are able to have information right at our fingertips that is user-friendly. This newly available technology is great for even the most technologically challenged. If you haven’t yet downloaded the St. Barnabas APP, be sure to; it won’t disappoint.

Athletics, Performing Arts, Clubs – the options are endless for our children at St. Barnabas Episcopal School. We offer more programs than any other school in Volusia County and that wouldn’t be possible without your annual gift!

NONE of this can be done without the help of our many generous donors. Each year, we rely on alumni, parents (past and present), grandparents, and local businesses to contribute to our annual needs. The generosity given by those previously mentioned is of vital importance to our school and those dedicated to serve. Lastly, the Annual Fund further provides the flexibility to respond quickly in the event of an unexpected need or opportunity.

Unique? Yes, we believe it is.

With all of that said, please consider standing with our school by making a donation. Donations are completely VOLUNTARY and NON-OBLIGATORY. However, without the help and generosity of others, SBES would not be able to continue serving our great community.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and consider your willingness or ability to donate to our school, children, and faculty.

– Christi (SBES Parent)

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