Amazing young scientists

The science expo was a popping, rocking, fizzing success. The students did a marvelous job sharing their knowledge of science. Kindergarten did weather journals that would impress any meteorologist. First through Third Grades focused on animals, with First Grade making cute pandas, Second Grade exploring animal habitats and camouflage, and Third Grade pleading the case for a new zoo exhibit for various endangered animals. Fourth Grade really stepped up the game with boards and projects worthy of any scientist. Fifth Grade showed off their knowledge of diseases and seem to be headed for the medical field someday. Middle School invited everyone to participate in their projects including alcohol rockets, a hovercraft, trebuchets, optics experiments, and more. We are so proud of our student scientists at SBES!

4th Grade
Best Model:
Daniela M. & Mia D. (group project)

Most Dramatic Display:
Jack H.

Best Experiment Design and Execution:
Elijah S.

Innovative Use of Materials:
Calvin P.

Best Informed:
Skyler R.

5th Grade
Most Innovative Use of Materials:
Larson R. – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Most Dramatic Display:
Jaden S. – Periodontal Disease

Best Illustration of Scientific Knowledge:
Paige M. – Trigminal Neurologic
Annika D. – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Creative Display Board
Weston H. – Meningitis

6th grade:
Crowd pleaser awards:
Dean B. – Rocket
Georgia L. & Leah M. – Gum

Technological Design:
Max L. – Binary calculator

Innovative Use of Materials:
Max C. – Hovercraft

Best Model or Demo:
Zack F. – Trebuchet

Best explanation of scientific knowledge:
Summer H. – Non-Newtonian Fluid

7th Grade:
Crowd Pleaser:
Savannah C. & Bela H. – Making ice cream
Ely C. – Alcohol Rocket

Best Experiment:
Jackson R. – Can fruit charge an iPhone?

Best Demonstration:
Jimmy M. – Dry Ice Tornado

8th Grade:
Best Scientific Thought:
Eric S. – Bacteria Killer

Best Experiment:
Dominic D. – Effects of Phosphoric Acid on Teeth

Best Website:
Tavian D. – How does hoop size affect your shot?

Best Display:
Isabella V. & Lindsey D. – Tsunami Model

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