Alumni Spotlight: Trevor stars in Orlando rep production

The cast of “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” at the Orlando Rep: SBES Alumni, Trevor is feature in the center above.
St. Barnabas students are always known for going on to do great things after graduation; however, they also accomplish amazing feats during their time in school as well. Trevor Simoneau, a current eighth grader, is no exception. He recently made his debut at the Orlando Repertory Theater in the production of “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” starring as the understudy for the lead, Peter Hatcher. Following the journey of how Peter deals with his mischievous younger brother, Fudge, the production is a humorous look at family life and the troubles that can only be caused by a younger sibling.

Trevor can only be described as a thespian veteran. He has been involved with the Orlando Shakespeare Theater since he was three years old, and has even performed professionally with their cast in multiple productions. It had always been his dream to be cast in a production at the Orlando REP, but getting the part was never an easy feat. However, Trevor kept persevering and ended up capturing the role as the understudy to the lead of their latest comedy.

SBES Performing Arts team, accompanied by the Fine Arts Coordinator and Head of School, visit trevor for his performance at the Orlando Rep.
When reminiscing back on his experience preparing for the live performance, he recalls vividly: beginning by reading over the script, contributing to set design and costumes, and blocking out the show with his fellow cast mates. His favorite part though had to be tech week, an intense period where the entire production is run through multiple times to establish individual cues, assemble lighting, choreograph entrances and exits, and coordinate costumes and prop placement. When describing his time, Trevor notes, “We treat tech week as if we have an audience.”

Although Tech Week can be stressful, Trevor recalls a memory of comic relief where the cast was practicing a specific scene in the opening that consisted of a table with a jar of flowers and water. As part of the script, Peter slams a book down, but this time water accidently spilled everywhere from the jar, leaving the cast in wet costumes and a challenge to improvise on the spot.

Working with a “fantastic cast and crew” and a “director from Colorado who was great and always offered helpful advice” we guarantee this won’t be Trevor’s last performance at the Orlando REP. With dreams to be a pilot, he still finds his passion for acting mingling with his passion for flying. “When we do a show, we have to rehearse a lot. When you fly, you also have to be prepared, rehearsed, even memorized. With these skills in theater and improvisation you learn how to prepare for the circumstances that could arise when flying.”

We have no doubt here at St. Barnabas that Trevor will be yet another stellar example of our accomplished alumni upon graduation. His experience, he describes has been “Beyond fun.”
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