alumni spotlight: pioneering the aloha renaissance

After graduating from St. Barnabas in 2007 and Father Lopez in 2011, Ryan Farmer set off to continue his higher education at Florida State University in Tallahassee. During his time at the University, Farmer was involved in several organizations on campus including writing for the campus newspaper, the FSUView and lifeguarding at the swimming pool both on-campus and at the off-campus reservation. Aside from his activities around campus, Ryan had the opportunity to take several trips during weekends and holidays.

One of his trips included a spring break adventure to San Juan, Puerto Rico, during which he and his two friends came up with the novel idea of Hawaiian pants, adorned with a surfer-type cartoon dolphin. After the shenanigans subsided, Farmer left Puerto Rico with nothing more than a comical idea, not expecting it to manifest into a business venture.

Ryan Farmer, Class of 2007, brings his ideas to life. (photo credit: Evelyn Kugler)
Fast forward to 2015, Ryan graduated from Florida State with a Bachelors in Information, Communication, & Technology planning to pursue a career in marketing. After realizing the majority of occupations within the marketing field require a hefty amount of experience, he decided to take his career path into his own hands. He revisited his vacation fueled idea for Hawaiian printed pants and got to work making his creative idea into a reality. Farmer purchased a sketch book and brought to life the dolphin pattern in his head, and the first print of Ryan’s Hawaiians was born.

When asked about how his time at St. Barnabas helped him to become the person he is today, Farmer stated “St. Barnabas is where I found my confidence, through supportive teachers and good friends. Without that confidence there’s no way I would have been able to try something like starting a clothing line on my own.”

While Ryan’s Hawaiians is still in its beginning stages, Ryan has already begun promoting his idea of the “Aloha Renaissance” through social media, blog posts, and the distribution of promotional t-shirts and koozies at various events. To keep up with Ryan and his continuing work on his brand, be sure to follow Ryan’s Hawaiians on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also check out his website to make sure you’re the first to know when Ryan’s Hawaiians are available to the public.
Written by,
Raigen Tyser
SBES Class of 2008
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