Alumni spotlight: Laura Schwanebeck

“Every single teacher I had at St. Barnabas made learning fun and fostered my desire to learn.”

“I am so glad I went to St. Barnabas!” says former student, Laura Schwanebeck. “Every single teacher I had at St. Barnabas made learning fun and fostered my desire to learn.” Schwanebeck graduated from SBES in 2006 after attending from fourth to eighth grade. Laura notes that she has always had this passion for learning, and continues to love learning new things every day. In the past twelve years, she has certainly proven this to be true.
Laura attended DeLand High School, where she completed two years of International Baccalaureate classes and two years of early college courses. From there, she completed her undergraduate years at the University of South Florida; however, Laura knew she wanted to continue her schooling and obtain her doctorate in Physical Therapy. Schwanebeck was delighted to learn of her acceptance into the University of Florida’s Physical Therapy Program on her birthday, April 30, 2015. “It was the best birthday present I could have asked for!” she exclaimed. Laura graduated this May and just recently completed her board exams. She is looking forward to getting her results back and pushing herself to grow in her field. Already, Laura is considering obtaining a K9 Rehab Certification or a Certification in Sports Physical Therapy.

While Laura has spent the past several years studying extremely hard, she has also made time to have fun adventures with her four-legged friend Charly the Peekapoo. She also spends time improving her own physical health by completing crossfit training. Schwanebeck is not only dedicated to achieving her academic best, but she also strives to achieve greatness with anything she is involved in.

Laura still fondly recalls the SBES “Meet Your Teacher” days. Now, she excitedly anticipates meeting her own clients in physical therapy. It is with pride that we recognize Dr. Laura Schwanebeck as she begins a career in the field of her passion.

Article Written By:
Lauren A. Davids

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