Alumni Spotlight: From SBES to the tampa bay underground film festival

Lexi Brandt is an International Baccalaureate student at Spruce Creek High School and is a St. Barnabas Alumni who graduated in 2016. Lexi loves theatre and writing, especially screenwriting. Not only is Lexi the Vice President for the True Crime Club on her campus, but she is also the Morning News Anchor for Spruce Creek High School. With her focus remaining on her academics and the upcoming SATs and ACTs, Lexi has her future sights on colleges with great film and screenwriting programs such as North Western and the University of Southern California. This is because Lexi is already a very accomplished screenwriter.
At only seventeen years old, Lexi Brandt will be attending the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival this December with her award-winning mock-umentary. Lexi won the Dr. Kazi-Hussain Women in Film & TV Scholarship award for this film and is no stranger to sheer dedication and triumphant success. With excitement for this event and other opportunities sure to come her way, Lexi can pinpoint the exact moment that she identified her passion and begun pushing forth with her talent.

In 8th grade, Lexi’s true love for drama and writing was brought to life by St. Barnabas’s very own Ms. Ashwood. After a creative writing assignment, Ms. Ashwood spoke with Lexi about her talent and encouraged her to continue writing. Lexi has done just that, and her assignment from Ms. Ashwood’s class was even recognized with a scholarship from the Atlantic Center of the Arts. Lexi Brandt attests to the dedication of all of St. Barnabas’ teachers and says that being the only student interested in drama in elementary school pushed her to be a leader and take charge for her unique passion. Lexi’s dedication and academic leadership are a wonderful inspiration and show the importance of teacher’s like those at St. Barnabas. Lexi’s determination to continue growing and become one of the best in her field at such a young age is also a wonderful reminder that we are capable of anything with ambition, dedication, and a passion for learning.

Congratulations Lexi! St. Barnabas is incredibly proud of you and we are so delighted to see your growth since graduation! We look forward to seeing your many successes in the years to come!

Article written by Lauren A. Davids

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