Alumni spotlight: Chase Lorenz & Surf the nations

Many testimonials are built upon inspiring stories of one’s journey to finding God, but few as awe-inspiring as our alumnus featured today. Chase Lorenz is a St. Barnabas graduate and member of the class of 2011. Throughout his life he always felt a pull toward surfing and the islands of Hawaii, but didn’t really know how he might end up there. It wasn’t until a string of consecutive nights where he was scrolling through Instagram that he discovered the page of “Surf the Nations”, a non-profit outreach program to the children and homeless occupying a particularly delinquent and unsafe street on the island of Oahu. Since its inception fifteen years ago, “Surf the Nations” has transformed this area once full of brothels and strip clubs to a place flourishing with a community church, coffee shop, vintage store and more. Once Lorenz saw that the non-profit offered a three-month internship program, he decided to put his dream of living in Hawaii to the test.

Upon his arrival, he felt nothing short of “overwhelmed and a little stressed”, but he decided to give it a chance. His first life-changing moment happened only a week and a half into his experience when he was attending a Saturday night service with his fellow team members at the Surfer’s Church. Feeling the urge to pray, he told God that “You can do what you want, and I’ll be open to whatever comes my way.” Right after that moment, he recalls a girl next to him saying that “God is so excited that you’re finally open to him.” For the first time since he arrived, Chase Lorenz had felt his first connection to Our Father.

As if this wasn’t crazy enough, his biggest revelation was yet to come. Three weeks later from his first experience at the church, Lorenz was participating in a 24 hour praying service, where he prayed with fellow co-workers for an entire hour. The theme of the day was family, and with him being extremely close to his mom he prayed for her “Not to have to work two jobs anymore, and to finally be able to relax”, and for his dad living in Colorado that he hadn’t seen in a year, “For him to enjoy life so he could finally get back on the right track.” The next day his mom called to tell him that she didn’t need to work two jobs anymore and that his college tuition would be paid comfortably. His dad followed, and Chase remembers knowing exactly what he was going to say before he even answered the phone; he had found a new job where he would finally be able to relax. Speechless at this point, Chase Lorenz decided to put his faith in God from that day on.

Fast forward to the present, Lorenz is still in Hawaii working with “Surf the Nations” as he decided to return after his summer internship to complete their Surfer’s Leadership School including a three-month training program and one-year work commitment to the organization. Developing his leadership in Hawaii one day at a time while he still gets to do what he loves most, surfing; one thing Chase is positive of is that “God was calling me to be here.”

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Written by,
Michelle Kunz
SBES Alumni Class of 2010

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