Alumni Spotlight: Cal Thompson

Often times our students don’t fully understand the lasting impression this school’s unique experience has on their lives, until they graduate from St. Barnabas. Not only does it positively shape their lives, but molds them into the individual they go off to become in the world. Cal Thompson is no exception to this phenomena, and carries his memories and the valuable lessons he has learned from St. Barnabas wherever life takes him, especially within his insurance business.
Cal graduated in 2005 and attended from kindergarten all the way through eighth grade. He is an avid reader of our Alumni blog and describes his time at the school as “key in my development.” In his own words: “Not many people get this experience in middle school, there’s just something different at St. Barnabas.” He specifically attributes this to the teachers he had throughout his nine years and one in particular, Mr. Davies. Moving with the students throughout all three middle school science classes, Mr. Davies was known for making his students believe. He taught his classes high school level material and encouraged them to think and feel like adults. He wasn’t so keen on simply distributing information, but rather teaching the meaning of the process behind things. He inspired everyone to think outside the box and greatly impacted Cal as he recalls: “Mr. Davies was the best teacher I ever had in my life. The student-teacher relationship I had with him is my most fond memory of St. Barnabas.”
Today Cal runs his own insurance business. He started his interest in the field with an internship in college with Rogers Benefit Group, a health insurance company. After graduation he started his own individual health insurance firm that has grown into a referral agency with financial advising services included today. Located in Winter Park, they were named one of the Top 50 in Florida this year, an outstanding accomplishment. Part of the reason Cal was attracted to this industry originates in his love for mentoring and helping people. In college he coached a basketball team and was always fond of reading and getting to know new things. With the values instilled in him by his father and his time here as a St. Barnabas student, Cal gets to exercise these ideals every day in his career of financial advising and personally enjoys how it helps him, help people more on a daily basis.
Cal Thompson, Class of 2005
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