After St. Barnabas Episcopal School: How Our Students Continue to Excel

Parents send their children to St. Barnabas for a myriad of reasons. Some prioritize small classrooms, and others enjoy our faith-based teaching style, but all parents want to know that their children can go on to lead full and successful lives after their DeLand private school education. St. Barnabas Episcopal School has a strong history of developing superbly prepared students who succeed in whichever high school they choose to attend next. Our commitment to excellence bleeds into everything your children experience on our campus, and we watch time and again as our students adopt that commitment to excellence in their lives.

This year was no exception as we bid farewell to an excellent class of 8th graders who are going off to several different high schools. And we also had the opportunity to celebrate a St. Barnabas graduate who was awarded 2022 Valedictorian at Father Lopez Catholic High School. Caroline Chanfrau is one of many of our recent graduates who make us exceedingly proud to be in our line of work and confident in the future of our community and the world. Caroline’s list of accomplishments is long and ranges from exemplary academic performance to extensive leadership experience as the President of the Student Government Association. And, to make our interdisciplinary hearts swell, she was also a member of the swim team and a talented ballet dancer.

We are so honored to congratulate Caroline for her hard work, and we’re excited to have been a part of her developmental journey. We’re also thrilled to say that Caroline is one shining example of a student who has excelled after leaving St. Barnabas, but not the only one. We are deeply proud of our students and love to see the unique ways they choose to make a difference in the world once they move on from our campus.

As a leading DeLand private school, we are not clueless about how we continue developing high-performing students. We work intentionally to give our students the skills to shine no matter where they go after they graduate from our campus.

We Teach Our Students To Care

At St. Barnabas School, we care. We care about education, our community, and our students and their families. Our deep care for our students is based upon our foundational faith beliefs, and we are proud to pass those on to the students to join our community. To care is a skill, and when you learn to care about others, care about your faith, and care about your education, the ability to care spreads through your life so that you can make a difference in the world around you.

We Provide Individualized Education

The best resource we can provide our students is individualized care and attention that enables teachers to guide our students’ education based on their specific needs and interests. Because we are committed to maintaining a small student body and small class sizes, our teachers can spend a great deal of time getting to know each student and encouraging them.

We Encourage Participation

As you saw from the story of our alum Caroline, students excel academically and in other areas of their lives. We encourage participation in extracurricular activities because we know from experience that they help students build exciting and diverse futures for themselves. Caroline’s background in ballet and on the swim team will be as influential in her future as her academic success. Extracurricular activities help students develop well-rounded skill sets and allow them opportunities for fun as they pursue their educational futures.

Will your student move on to be the valedictorian at their high school? Perhaps. But it’s not our goal at St. Barnabas Episcopal School to simply develop the largest number of valedictorians around, but instead to help students develop into the bright and engaged young adults they are meant to be. If you’re looking for the right DeLand private school to help your student excel, you’ve come to the right place. Contact our office for more information about how you can join the Saint Barnabas community.

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