A Well-Rounded Education: How Students At SBES Benefit From Faith, Academics, Athletics, and the Arts

One definition of education is “an enlightening experience.” As the premier DeLand Private School, we believe that enlightening students is our great responsibility. But the enlightenment we offer is broader and more encompassing than the rote memorization of facts. At St. Barnabas, we have programs to help your children grow and mature in many different facets of their lives. 

Some of the leading programs offered on our campus revolve around the subjects of faith, academics, athletics, and arts. These are essential themes in our campus that we see as tools to help develop students into well-rounded citizens. We’ll dive deeper into each of these themes in a bit. Before we move on, it’s essential to address that well-roundedness, by our estimation, should be a goal in education. Research shows that students who receive a well-rounded education are better prepared for their future in education and their careers. Developing a wide range of skills and knowledge at a young age will set your kids up for success far into the future.


One of the most important themes that runs through our work at St. Barnabas is faith. For most families in our community, it’s the primary factor that made the decision between our school and any other DeLand private school clear. Faith is more than the moments we spend together in chapel each week on our campus. It’s woven throughout our days as it is throughout our lives. 


Quality academics are the other top thing that parents look for when enrolling their child at St. Barnabas. All of our classrooms are rigorous and engaging, and because of our small student-to-teacher ratio were able to meet each child’s individual academic needs. Our teachers know intimately the areas in which your children thrive and where they can use some extra support and can cater to their needs. For children who excel academically, we also offer an enrichment program that provides an opportunity to dive deeper into the curriculum.


Many parents are surprised to learn that St. Barnabas School has the most extensive athletic program of any elementary or middle school in Volusia County. Our students participate in a wide array of sports, including basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, and nontraditional offerings like surfing. No matter your child’s athletic interest, there is a good chance that we offer something of interest to them. We see athletics as playing an integral role in your child’s well-rounded education as it teaches them about teamwork, the value of working hard, and the importance of taking good care of our bodies.

The Arts

Last and most certainly not least are the arts. The arts programs at St. Barnabas are robust and integral to our student’s well-rounded education. We love to see our students’ natural artistic abilities bloom through our arts programs, but we believe there is much more to teaching the arts than building future artists. Students learn important skills in art classes ranging from the development of fine motor skills to the ability to persevere when they’re still beginners. Arts education also allows students to explore their innate creativity and learn to think outside the box. This valuable life skill is honed at an early age through the arts. At St. Barnabas, we offer visual art classes and various musical programs.

We believe we are the DeLand private school that is best prepared to develop well-rounded students through our various educational offerings. With faith at our core and expertise in providing quality educational programming, our students leave our community well ahead of their peers. If you’re interested in learning more about our campus community or would like a school tour, contact our office today.

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