A Private School Approach To Conflict Resolution

Hopefully, by this point, every one of us has learned important lessons on how to effectively deal with interpersonal conflict. Those lessons we have learned allow us in turn to teach them to our children. Learning to navigate interpersonal conflict is critical, and children will develop the skills to do it in stages as they grow up and develop stronger language and social skills.
Some of these skills are developed by observing members of their family, but as with their academic subjects, children learn a great deal about handling conflict through the thoughtful coaching and instruction of the adults in their lives.

Values-based Mentoring
A factor in Christian private education that continues to be a benefit to students and their families the commitment to values. In private school, teachers and staff members are encouraged to outwardly express beliefs and values that can be controversial in public schools. But what better way is there to help children deal effectively with interpersonal conflict than through the lens of love and charity that are such a consistent part of the faith practice their families teach? Private school teachers have the distinct benefit of framing conflict resolution in a narrative that aligns with the child’s heart and the values of his or her family.

Hands-on Teaching
God bless the teachers who are tasked with managing enormous numbers of students in public school classrooms. At St. Barnabas we often see that our students benefit greatly from small classes where teachers are able to be more engaged with all of the students are more aware of arising conflict. When the teacher is able to stay present with the students small issues of conflict over crayons or who is sitting where at lunchtime can be handled before escalating.

Close Contact with Families
With a manageable number of students in each classroom, teachers in private schools are better able to engage with parents and keep an open dialogue about what is happening at school. When parents and teachers are able to team up in guiding children, the children themselves benefit. And next time your child struggles in conflict with another student you’ll find out quickly so that together you can all work toward learning how to better resolve conflict as it arises.

When good teachers are able to tune in to classroom dynamics and become active guides as their students learn about and practice conflict resolution, the children always benefit. In Christian private schools, our commitment to the whole student gives our teachers the agency to get actively involved in teaching important conflict resolution skills from a perspective that honors our mission to provide a faith-filled education environment. If you’d like to learn more about the many ways a Christian private school will benefit your child and your family, contact us today.

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