6 Things to Look for When Touring a Private School

If you are considering sending your child to a private school, you’ll naturally want to do your research to make sure that you find the right learning environment.

Of course, the best way to get a good feel for a school is to physically tour it. Not only will this give you a better idea of the learning environment, but you’ll also be able to get your questions answered by the school’s staff.

During your next private school tour, here are 6 things that you’ll want to be sure to look for:

1. Does the school offer options for private early childhood private education?
The younger your child is when he or she begins a private school education, the better. The early years of your child’s schooling are so critical as they help to establish a solid foundation for future learning.

Understanding how important the early years are in your child’s education, St. Barnabas Episcopal school offers a preschool, elementary school, and middle school program to immerse students in a learning environment that promotes academic excellence and strong moral values all within the framework of God’s love.

2. Is there an active Parent/Teacher Organization?
There is no question that the parental involvement in a school will positively impact the educational experience that the school is able to provide.

Our active Parent Advisory Council plays a big role at St. Barnabas and greatly benefits our students, school, and community. In addition to serving our school and reaching out to those in need through St. Barnabas Cares, our parents are very active in fundraising to contribute to academic enrichment, technology, athletics, and financial aid.

3. What type of safety measures are being taken to keep students safe?
Sad but true, school safety has become a major issue for parents in light of recent events that have happened throughout the country.

When touring a school, be sure to take note of which security measures the school uses to help ensure the safety of students. Examples could include a mass communication system, check-in system for visitors, and security cameras.

4. Does the school offer a variety of athletic programs and extracurricular activities?
So much can be learned from participation in athletic programs and extracurricular activities that can’t be taught in the classroom, such as teamwork, cooperation, confidence, and the ability to win or lose with grace.

At St. Barnabas, we’re proud to offer more athletic programs than any other school in Volusia County. We also offer a phenomenal fine arts program that allow students to develop their many gifts in the areas of music, drama, and dance. Students also have the opportunity to excel in a number of school organizations, such as National Junior Honor Society, Student Government Association, and Mind Lab.

5. What is the average classroom size?
One of the biggest reasons why parents choose to send their children to private school is due to the smaller classroom settings. This is especially important during the foundational years of your child’s education as it will allow for more opportunity for personal attention and additional help from teachers when needed.

6. What is the school’s approach to character development of students?
Parents that choose to send their children to private school often do so based on the strong morals and values that the school instills in students while matriculating.

At St. Barnabas, we feel strongly that helping our students develop strong moral values and self-esteem should be a critical part of the educational experience. By incorporating Fruit of the Spirit into every aspect of our curriculum, we’re helping our students to live a more fruitful life as the Holy Spirit is actively working in their lives.

Our “Gotcha” program is one of the many ways that we promote good servant leadership, and this is done by having our teachers and staff recognize students for specific acts of good character. We feel that by honoring these positive behaviors, we are teaching our students that much can be gained by doing the right thing.

For more factors to consider when touring a school, we recommend that you read our blog post about the characteristics that make for a good private school in Volusia County.

We invite you to come tour St. Barnabas Episcopal School to learn more about our commitment to developing well-rounded students. Please contact us today to schedule your tour.

Our mission is to challenge each student in a supportive environment that promotes academic excellence, sound moral values, and high self-esteem within a framework of God’s love.

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