5th Grade explores the Circulatory System

In 5th grade Science Class the students have been learning from Mrs. Hickman about different transport systems in both plants and animals. The students have grown wheat seedlings in straw chambers, observed transpiration at work by capturing water vapor overnight on living plants, and focused on the importance of the xylem and phloem structures. They have recently been challenged to create a closed circulatory system by using one-way valves, plastic bottles, water, and different tubes to simulate the human circulatory system. The students have also created a “lung” model to demonstrate how the diaphragm works in the respiratory system. This past week, they have measured their vital lung capacity, created a histogram of the different amounts, and using their recently acquired math skills for determining mean, median mode, and range were able to apply these math skills to a real life situation. We’ve been busy!!!!

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