5 School Activities That Promote Well-roundedness Within Our Student Body

Every parent wants their children to be successful. It’s part of our wiring to desire even more for our children than we want for ourselves. Because of that, it’s natural for parents to nurture their children’s specific talents. Whether they naturally excel at academics, sports, or the arts, we tend to lean into those areas with them. At St. Barnabas School we are enthusiastic supporters of our students’ natural gifts and talents, but we’re also excited about encouraging our students to try a wide variety of things. Well-roundedness is a valuable characteristic that enables children to grow into adults who thrive in various environments. Children who receive a well-rounded education are more successful on tests, in higher education, and eventually in their careers.

Every school will have a different set of priorities when it comes to promoting well-roundedness in their students. At St. Barnabas, there are five specific areas that we prioritize. We have had great success encouraging our students in these areas, and we think our parents would agree.

1. Vibrant Athletics Programs

If sports are important to your family, there is no better elementary or middle school in all of Volusia County for your children. As a small private Episcopal school, you may be surprised to learn that we offer more athletic opportunities than any other elementary school around. Sports are fun to many kids, but the benefits of participating in school athletic programs extend far beyond enjoyment. 

We also know that participating in athletics has so many other profoundly positive impacts on our lives. Team sports teach us to work collaboratively, build strong relationships, and navigate the wins and losses with grace. There are lasting effects on a person’s physical fitness. Those who participate in athletics understand the benefits habitual exercise has on a person’s overall health. And finally, athletics teaches us to set big audacious goals and then push our bodies and minds to reach them. You can see how valuable these traits are in forming a well-rounded child.

2. Artistic And Creative Pursuits

Somewhere along the line, we adults tend to categorize ourselves as creative or not creative. Creative people play instruments and make art and those who aren’t creative build businesses and work on spreadsheets. For the record, we don’t think that’s true. We believe that we are all endowed with beautiful creativity that expresses itself in different ways throughout our lives. Research shows that arts education is beneficial to all people, not just those we label as traditionally creative.

Studies in music and art boost students’ academic performance, build their self-confidence, and even enhance their critical thinking skills. Where public schools are cutting the arts in favor of more standardized testing prep, our private school is leaning into our students’ creativity and finding more opportunities for them to shine.

3. Consistent Spiritual Practice

A spiritual practice is another aspect of a well-rounded education that you can only get in a private school. At St. Barnabas, we believe that faith is an integral part of our lives and should be woven through everything we do, not just reserved for Sunday mornings. Being a private school allows us to craft a faith-centered educational system that has top-notch academic results. One of the most essential and grounding activities in our week is chapel. It’s a time where we come together as a community for worship and a lesson. During this time, we grow in our individual spiritual lives and our spiritual life as a community. In families for whom faith is a significant value, our weekly chapel is an essential part of their children’s well-rounded development.

4. Our Popular Enrichment Program

We are incredibly proud of our enrichment program. We realize that all students fall in different places on the academic spectrum, and it’s easy for exceptional students to fall through the cracks. Through this program, our students get the opportunity to expand on our existing, high-quality classroom education with additional learning opportunities that maintain their interest and help them grow. Our enrichment students’ activities vary and have included field trips, dissections, math challenges, and more. If your child is understimulated in school or needs a little more challenge in the classroom, our enrichment program may be just what they need.

5. Extracurricular Clubs And Activities

As an adult, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the importance of belonging to a community of like-minded people. Whether at your church, a volunteer organization, or a group of friends, joining groups has untold benefits. Our clubs meet this very same need for our students. With a wide range of club opportunities on campus at St. Barnabas, whichever group your child is interested in joining, there will be an array of positive emotional, social, developmental, and even academic benefits. If well-roundedness is your goal, our clubs are a great way to get there.

We know how much you value a well-rounded private school education, and that’s why we’ve made this such an integral part of our educational foundation. If you’re still looking for a school to call home where your children will learn more than just the basics, St. Barnabas may be the place for you. Contact our office today to learn more about our offerings.

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