5 Non-Academic Benefits of a Good Kindergarten Education

There is a great deal of research discussing the importance of kindergarten in a child’s future development. In addition to the foundational academic goals that your children will meet during their young school years, they also begin to develop critical social and lifestyle skills that will help them excel in their future endeavors. From developing healthy relationships to maintaining good habits, a good kindergarten education will set your student up for success.
1. Relationships
For many students, kindergarten is the first time they are introduced into an environment with children from all different walks of life. In this mix of people, your child will learn a great deal about relationships and how to manage interpersonal conflict when faced with people who differ from them.

Students have to learn to cooperate and compromise. Some children learn these skills at home with their siblings, others may have picked them up in pre-school, but in a kindergarten classroom, children converge from many different backgrounds and all have the opportunity to learn from each other.

2. Structure
Regardless of how your family operates within your home, all children will eventually need to learn how to function within a structured environment. Throughout their formal education, and for most people on into their college and working lives, your child will need to know how to relate well with others within a system. This can be difficult for some people which is why implementing structure at a young age is an important benefit in an educational setting with a well-defined developmental approach.

3. Values
A kindergarten classroom is an excellent training ground for your child to begin implementing the values that you teach at home. Close community with other children in the classroom gives ample opportunity to practice kindness, patience, and manners. A school that closely aligns with your family values will echo the important lessons you’re teaching at home.

4. Habits
It takes a long time to develop good habits, so why not start early? Developing your child’s healthy lifestyle habits in kindergarten is a great way to ensure they last a lifetime. At St. Barnabas we are committed to providing well-developed, healthy habits so your student will learn how to maintain a healthy mind and body, along with plenty of recess time for our students each day.

Kindergarten is a time when children and teachers are developing the building blocks for each student’s life. The academic skills that kindergartners learn will propel your student to educational and professional success. The interpersonal skills, values, and habits they learn will help them to become well-adjusted, contributing citizens of the world. For more information on how your young child may benefit from a St. Barnabas Education call today and set up a tour of our campus.

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