4 Tips To Help Get Your Kindergartener Excited About Their Education

For many families, kindergarten is the first big step in your child’s educational future. This is an exciting and precious time in the life of your family and nothing makes it better than returning home to a child who has loved their day of school. But not all children take a liking to school from day one, and some children need encouragement and support from mom and dad to really begin to enjoy learning.
Here are four ways that you can help your kindergartener get excited about their own education:

1. Practice The Routine
If your child has spent the majority of their early life with you by their side, the first day of kindergarten will most likely be a really difficult adjustment. Without the security of mom and dad and the familiarity of their own home, it would be impossible to pay attention and really get anything from their education. If you find yourself in this position with your children, considering practicing what it will be like for them to spend a day at school. Perhaps that means you sign them up for daycare a few days a week, or send them off once or twice a week to spend a day with a grandparent or friend. No matter how you choose to introduce your children to the routine of a school day will benefit them as they move forward in their schooling.

2. Be A Role Model
Is school important to your family? If yes, how would your children know that? Are you setting a good example of what it looks like to become a lifelong learner? These are important questions to ask yourself. If you want to raise a household of children who are passionate about learning, lead by example and take learning seriously in your own life. Put down the TV remote and read, take up a new skill or sport, or even work toward a degree. The more your children see you investing in your own education, the more they will learn from your example.

3. Reinforce Lessons
Keep yourself up to date with the lessons that your children are learning in school. When you know what they are learning in their kindergarten education you can help reinforce those skills at home. For example, you might quiz them on their vocabulary, or work with them on their reading and writing skills while your spouse is preparing dinner. When it comes to early childhood learning, parental support is a significant marker of success.

4. Show Respect For Their Teachers
Your kids learn much of their behavior from observing you. If you speak to or about their teacher with disrespect, you can’t be surprised to see your children do the same. This tip isn’t just about managing your child’s behavior. Your child’s teachers are some of the biggest advocates for their education that they will ever have. It’s important to instill in your children a respect for their educators as well as their own education.

Kindergarten is right around the corner and there is no time like the present to begin instilling in your kids a joy for learning. If you’re still looking for the right educational environment for your children, contact us today. We’ll gladly take you on a tour of our campus and introduce you to our marvelous kindergarten faculty.

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