4 Parenting Tips For Balancing Work and Family

Finding a healthy balance between your work and home life is an ongoing battle for many working parents. You may always feel like you’re chasing the perfect balance, but there are a few parenting tips you can use to set yourself up for success.
1. Set Boundaries
These days it is very easy for the boundaries between work and home to become fuzzy. You can run an entire business from the cell phone in your pocket, so in some ways, you are never leaving the office. Try setting some boundaries for yourself so that there are specific times of the day when you aren’t checking your emails or answering texts and phone calls. Make sure that the time you are spending with your family is dedicated quality time. Remember it’s not about the quantity as much as the quality of time spent together. For some people that may mean having a really honest conversation with your coworkers about what kind of response they can expect to get from you on nights and weekends.

2. Recalibrate before coming home
You may have had a really frustrating day at work, but remember that your family members are not the ones to blame. When you’re heading home from the office, take a few moments to reset and enter into family mode. Let go of some of that frustration so that you can make the most out of the time you have at home with your kids.

3. Communicate openly with your family
There will absolutely be times of your year that work is really hard and you’re under a lot of stress. Don’t suffer in silence, be open with your family about the stress you’re feeling from work so they can help alleviate some of the stress you may feel at home. Plus, your honesty will help put into context the energy that you’re bringing home with you. Your family is a team and I’m guessing they will be glad to support you in whatever way they can.

4. Cut yourself some slack
You are not perfect and there is no need to keep trying to get there. You will have days and weeks that feel really out of balance, where you are not plugged into your family as much as you would like to be. Cut yourself some slack during these stressful times, remember to share with your family, take advantage of parenting tips from friends, and relax knowing that you are loved deeply regardless of your imperfections.

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