4 Important Questions To Ask When Considering Private Education

Depending on where you live, chances are there are several institutions of private education in your community to choose from. And since not all private schools are the same, how do you choose the school that is best for you and your family? To start with, you can begin by doing research on each of the schools you’re considering, but the best way to determine which school is the right fit is to go there and ask a lot of questions. Here are four questions we think you should consider asking before investing in private education.
1. Can We Tour The Campus?
You can tell a lot about a school just by being present on their campus. You can tell how well they care for their grounds, and how happy the students seem to be. But you can also sense intangible things like whether you and your kids feel good being there. Any private school worth attending should happily invite you onto campus for a scheduled tour. Take advantage of this opportunity and bring your children along to get their opinions on the campus.

2. Does This School Have A Particular Value System?
Not all private schools are built the same, and you can tell a lot about a school by their system of values. Some families who invest in private education don’t practice a particular religion and may not want religion practiced in their children’s classroom. Other families prefer a classroom where discussions of faith are weaved into each lesson. In order to discern which type of school you’re working with it’s important to ask direct questions about their educational philosophies.

3. May I Speak With Teachers?
As you know, the connection your children make with their teachers is extremely valuable in helping them have a successful academic year. There’s no better way to test that chemistry than to meet the teacher before you invest in the school. Take this first meeting as an opportunity to forge a relationship between teacher and student, but also to learn about the school from the teacher’s perspective. Does he like working there? Is the administration supportive of teachers and families? Answers to questions like these will help you determine whether or not this particular school is the answer to your private education desires.

4. Will You Connect Me With Some Current Parents?
Current parents are a great barometer for how the culture of the school ultimately plays out. They know first hand how the teachers and administrators handle behavioral and interpersonal issues. They can tell you if bullying has become an issue on the campus and whether they feel safe dropping their kids off each morning. Find a family with similar style and values to your own and ask for their take on the school.

Investing in private education is a significant decision, but when you find the right school for your family you know it’s worth the wait. An excellent private school can set your children up for educational and professional success in their futures while also instilling your most important family values. If finding the right private school is important to you, feel free to ask as many hard-hitting questions as you need before making such a big decision. For more information about St. Barnabas School, contact us today and we’ll happily answer your questions.

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