4 Free Activities To Enjoy With Your Preschool Child

The number of toys available to children these days is absolutely astonishing. And the more of those toys you accumulate the most cost you have to bear. But not every activity for your preschooler has to cost any money at all. Here are four ways you can entertain your children without having to spend a dime.
Take A Nature Walk
Preschool-aged children are constantly absorbing information from the world around them. Going for a walk in nature is stimulating for all the senses and helps children to develop an appreciation for the natural world. Central Florida is flanked on either side with the ocean and has dozens of rivers, springs, and forests to adventure through. When you go, point out the plants, birds, flowers, and other life that you encounter, and consider preparing specific activities to enjoy on your way.

Read A Book
Children develop reading skills at different rates, by preschool most will not be able to read but many may recognize some letters and words. When you sit down and read with your children you are helping them develop an appreciation for reading even before they can read along with you. Fostering this love of stories at an early age will help them immensely as they grow older. And the great thing is, libraries make reading an endlessly fun activity.

Scavenge For Craft Supplies
Do you have an especially creative child? Instead of spending any money at a craft supply store, look around your home for free supplies. The recycling bin is a great place to find pieces of cardboard and plastic that can be washed and reused to create something magical. You’ll be amazed to see what the creative mind of a young child can come up with when they are set free with the right materials.

Prepare A Meal
Everyone has to eat, so why not engage your children in the food preparation process? Whether you’re baking cookies or preparing dinner, young children can help by counting and measuring your ingredients. This helps children understand the origin of their meal, get a little more curious about food, and builds their confidence.

We hope you found at least one example in here of how you could imagine your family learning and playing together without spending any money at all. Preschoolers are at that beautiful age where they are absorbing information from all around, so you can fill their minds with one more cartoon, or you can find new ways to have free, creative fun! For more information about our programs, contact us today.

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