3 Ways To Help Your Private School Students Express Their Individuality

We all remember those days in childhood where suddenly something changes in the culture and everyone is just trying their hardest to fit in. This isn’t a new phenomenon, young people have been trying to fit in since the beginning of time. But now, as an adult and a parent, you know that your children are perfect just the way they are and should feel free to express themselves just the way they were made.
Often young people use fashion to express their personalities and differentiate themselves from their classmates. However, in private school (where students are often required to wear a uniform) it’s important for some students to find other, productive ways to express themselves and their blossoming personalities. Here are 3 ways you can help.

1. Encourage Participation In Extracurriculars
Some kids are born with a penchant for certain activities. You know the girls and boys who are excellent artists, or singers, or athletes at a very young age. But most children need to try things out before they discover a hobby that will excite them. One great way to help your child determine which hobby they’d like to immerse themselves in is to encourage them to try out a number of different activities. Fortunately, at most private schools students will have an array of options to experiment with. If your child is having a hard time figuring out what to try next, consider asking their teachers to see what type of activities they’re excelling at, or what they seem to be most excited by during the school day.

2. Feed Their Creativity
Does your child already have a wild imagination? Encourage them to follow that instinct. Children’s minds are exciting and unfettered places and there is so much to learn and uncover within your children by allowing them the time and space to tap into their own creativity. This doesn’t require special classes or materials, just free time undistracted by screens or engagements where they can completely and totally be themselves.

3. Help Develop Friendships With Like-minded Children
Now that you’ve helped plug your children into extracurricular activities and fed their natural creativity, you may want to consider helping them to find friends with similar interests. If your child is over the moon about music, theater, and live performance, their interests may be best nurtured with friends who share the same passions. The same goes for children who love soccer, or fashion, or animals. Finding a group of people around whom they can be themselves is the best way to help your private school student express their individuality.

We should clarify that there is nothing wrong with fitting in and that expressing your individuality is not about standing out, but about encouraging your children to stand tall and feel confident in themselves. And that private schools are excellent places to help cultivate your children’s self-confidence and individuality. If you’re looking for the right school community to help nurture your children, contact us at St. Barnabas School today to learn more.

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