3 Ways Private Education Can Benefit Your Child with Attention Issues

The discussion around supporting children with attention issues has been on the top parents and teachers minds for years. Sometimes these issues require medical intervention, but other times they are situational and can be dealt with by placing students in an environment that is more conducive to helping them focus and learn.
Private schools with smaller class sizes, challenging academics, and great student support systems can be an excellent solution for families with children who have attention issues.

Small Class Sizes
Private education is widely known for having small class sizes. These intimate environments can be beneficial to your child who struggles with paying attention in school. For starters, fewer students means fewer potential distractions. But even more importantly, smaller classes give teachers more interaction with each student. Teachers have the opportunity to get to know your children and learn the most effective way to keep them engaged. Sometimes students with attention issues can be misunderstood as having behavioral issues when in reality they are just bored.

Challenging Academics
Bored students are exactly why it’s important to have challenging academic programs. Many students who have trouble focusing in school struggle because a less rigorous academic program isn’t keeping their attention. The combination of more challenging classes and more personalized attention is really positive for a student who typically struggles to pay attention.

Meaningful Parent/Teacher Interaction
With dozens of children in each public school class, it’s no wonder that teachers have trouble giving individualized attention to each student, let alone connecting with each student’s parents. Another great benefit to private education is the close knit community that is formed between teachers and families. These relationships create a positive environment for students and provide the extra accountability necessary for students with attention issues.

While some students have diagnosable attention issues, it’s important to remember that boys and girls are different when it comes to the rate of their development and the ways in which they learn. What may look like attention issues in a young boy could be their need to be physically active during the day.

Learning to work with your child’s attention issues can take an adjustment for the entire family. Whatever your child’s level of need, private schooling is an excellent way to ensure they are getting a high-quality, hands on education. If you’re interested in how a private education can benefit your student, contact our Admissions Office to schedule a tour.

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