3 Reasons We Focus So Much On Physical Education

You’d expect any school to focus a lot of their energy and resources on traditional education. After all, that’s the exact reason that you send your children there each day. But what you may not notice is that not as many schools are spending their energy and resources to build robust physical education programs. And while expanding the mind is central to our mission at St. Barnabas School, we also take very seriously our responsibility to help children grow strong and healthy physical bodies.
Our Bodies Are A Temple
The Bible says that our bodies are temples and that we should behave as such. That means a lot of different things, but at St. Barnabas we take it to mean that we should pursue health for ourselves and on behalf of our students. We are intentional about providing healthy lunches for our students, and we also ensure that our students spend plenty of time moving their bodies each day. In fact, we have more athletic offerings than any other elementary or middle school in Volusia County.

A Connection Between Exercise And Learning
Research shows a direct correlation between students’ physical fitness and their test scores. Let that fact sink in for a minute. The more active the child, the more likely they will test well in school. But how could that be so? Well, we know that physical exercise reduces stress and anxiety and helps students with attention disorders to focus, these factors combined enable active students to perform better and more confidently in the classroom.

Kids Should Be Kids
The world around us is measuring our children’s success by their ability to perform at higher and higher levels in the classroom and on standardized tests. And while we at St. Barnabas School want to see our students succeed, we also want to see them enjoy their childhoods. In fact, unstructured play allows children to express themselves and in many cases improves their ability to focus and perform in the classroom.

At St. Barnabas we believe that physical education should expand beyond the bounds of a P.E. class. That’s why we create other opportunities in the day for students to move their bodies. We are committed to providing a variety of different sporting opportunities from team sports to surfing. And while public schools are eliminating these opportunities we’re doubling down because we see first hand how they help our students thrive. For more information about our athletics programming, contact us today.

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