3 Parenting Tips That May Help Your Child Enjoy School

Some children take to school very easily, while others need a little more support to enjoy their time in the classroom. If your child fits into the latter category there are plenty of ways you can support them and help make education fun. Check out the following three parenting tips to learn more.
1. Get Involved
School may be an activity for children, but data shows that children flourish when their parents are involved in their education. For some parents that means showing up and participating in classroom activities, though that level of participation may not be possible for all families. Another excellent way to get involved in their education is to help your children set their own academic goals, to stay in touch with their teachers, and to make sure you’re aware of their academic performance.

2. Encourage Relationship Building
School is a great place for kids to learn academically, and also socially. And developing healthy relationships is a significant factor in how much they enjoy going to school. You can’t force your children into relationships, but you can support their efforts by creating opportunities. For instance, you might invite a child and their parent over for a playdate, or plan a meet up at a local park. Whether your child is a natural social butterfly or more of a wallflower, healthy relationships are very important to their development. And remember, the “healthy” distinction is very important. Just as you can help your child develop relationships you can also help them seek out friendships that are good for them.

3. Lead By Example
After a long day of work, you come home and it feels like the work keeps coming as you sit down to help your child with their homework. Doing math elementary math homework probably isn’t your idea of a great time, but your perspective can easily influence the perspective of your children. There are a couple of important ways in which you can lead by example when it comes to your child’s education. First, you can teach them not to procrastinate. It’s easy, when things get hard, to avoid doing something for fear of failing. Teach your children to dig into work that seems hard, this is a skill they will use for the rest of their lives. Another way you can lead by example is to remain positive. Too often, children develop an unhappy relationship with education which follows them throughout their lives. Learning is hard, but it’s also fun!

At this point in your life, you know how important education is, but think back to your childhood and the moments you just weren’t into it. It’s natural for some children to love school more than others, and there are many ways as a parent that you can help turn the tide. Check out our blog for more parenting tips, and send us a note if you’d like more information on a St. Barnabas education.

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