3 More Reasons Art is So Important in Children’s Education

In early childhood, school is not simply about memorizing facts or tackling complex equations. Your child is learning many critical skills that help them develop into well-functioning learners. One of the best ways to integrate these basic skills into the classroom is through art.
From the very basic developmental skills learned in the early years of school to the more sophisticated social skills picked up as students grow older, all those years of art education are stimulating for their minds, bodies, and souls.

Critical Thinking Skills
At all ages, the visual and performing arts provide opportunities for children to hone their critical thinking skills. At a young age, your child is processing the instructions to draw a shape or trace an object on paper. As they get older, they’re learning to color inside the lines. And eventually, they’re drawing portraits of the whole family. The ability to internalize those instructions and translate them into a piece of art is the same set of skills that allow a young piano student to eventually teach himself a new song. And, as you know, those critical thinking skills become more and more important as a student progresses through school and into their adult life.

Building Confidence
Whether by drawing a beautiful landscape, playing a song on the piano, or learning a dance in ballet class, the arts are a venue where your children can become more comfortable presenting themselves to the world. Studies show that arts-related activities boost a child’s self-esteem. Even as adults we know this to be true. Creating something gives you a feeling of meaning and accomplishment.

Encourages Continued Creativity
Children are born with remarkably creative minds. You’ve likely seen your child entertain herself for hours on end making up creative stories and exciting characters all out of thin air. This is a gift that is natural to childhood and through the arts, children are able to continue cultivating their creativity through visual and performance art. Creativity is the lens through which our children are able to express their unique and wonderful personalities.

At St. Barnabas we are committed to art education because the research shows that it is critical to children’s development, but also because we’ve seen first hand the positive impact that has on students of all ages. This is why we provide arts opportunities to all of our students throughout their St. Barnabas experience. If you’d like more information about the arts at St. Barnabas, contact us today.

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