3 Elements Of A Great Kindergarten Classroom

Have you ever walked into a drab and lifeless kindergarten classroom? Probably not. Almost by definition, they are creative and exciting learning environments. The best classrooms make children feel excited about participating and promote collaborative learning. But what exactly is it about these classrooms that children seem to love and thrive in?
Here are three cornerstone qualities of great kindergarten classrooms:

1. Visually Engaging
It’s unmistakable that most of these classrooms have mastered the ability to engage students on a sensory level. You can see the bold colors and creative decor the moment you walk in the door. Not only are bright colors easier for young children to see but they also draw their attention and in some cases even improve their mood. The classroom should be an energizing and exciting environment for our youngest students.

2. Collaborative Layout
There are as many different styles of learners as there are children. No single child comes to their first year of school with all the tools (academic or social) that they need. But when different children with their varying skills and interests are placed in one collaborative classroom they become little teachers. Plus, the ability to collaborate is a social skill that can only be learned in practice, not in theory. The more time that children spend together working to solve complex problems, the better they get at problem-solving. The same goes for communication and conflict resolution. Collaboration can be promoted in a classroom by making simple adjustments to furniture and layout.

3. Physically And Emotionally Safe
Obviously the classroom should be physically safe. The room ought to be laid out in an orderly manner than leaves plenty of room for energetic children to play together safely. And it should also create an environment where students and teachers treat each other with mutual respect and all members of the classroom feel comfortable to learn. When children feel safe in school it helps to build their self-esteem which makes them better learners over the long term.

The great news about all of this is that the same tactics that are employed to make a kindergarten classroom so engaging can also be used to make your own home an engaging place to learn. Learning doesn’t have to begin and end within the walls of your child’s classroom, and the benefits your children receive from their engaging classroom environments can easily be achieved at home. For more information about how to sign your child up for an exciting learning environment, contact us today.

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