3 Boxes To Check Before Sending Your Child To Kindergarten

Sending your first child off to school is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. You may feel pressure to have your child fully prepared for school and to keep up with the other children his or her age. And while you can certainly prepare your children for some aspects of kindergarten, there are some things you’ll need to let go of in order to maintain your sanity.
1. There Are A Few Musts
It’s important that your child is prepared emotionally and behaviourally for school. Specifically, children should be able to socialize with their peers, follow instructions, and behave according to classroom rules. Additionally, students entering kindergarten should be fully potty trained. Outside of these basic factors which allow them to function within a classroom setting, your student will learn everything else they need to know once they matriculate.

2. Children Develop Differently
It’s really easy to get caught up in the game of comparing ourselves to the people around us, and thus comparing our children to theirs. But the reality is that children all develop differently and shouldn’t – especially at such a tender age – be held up to one single standard. Research shows us that boys and girls learn differently and at different rates. So, if your son seems to be further behind in reading, or your daughter isn’t quite as coordinated as her brother, you can rest assured that many of those differences level out over time.

3. Give Yourself A Break
Ultimately, this first year of school ought to be an exciting time for your whole family. Your child will likely be ahead in some areas and fall behind in others. That’s completely normal. The most important thing that you can do to support your child’s education from kindergarten through the next decade is to be supportive and engaged. Allow yourself to enjoy each moment of this big and exciting year, and when you feel the desire to compare your child to others creep in, kindly ask it to leave.

Your family is about to embark on a big new adventure. Kindergarten is an exciting first step in your child’s education and one that you should take the time to enjoy. Once you’ve done the important work of preparing your child emotionally for the year to come, take a break and celebrate all that is to come. For more information about St. Barnabas School, or to take a tour of our campus, contact us today.

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